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National Solar and Innov8ive Projects are associated partners of the 24/7 Into Africa Group of Companies. Through these associations in the group an extended service offering is provided from infrastructures to solar panels. Alternative options for every need, industry and country all under one umbrella combined with a team in the logistical field to assist in providing you with the expertise to assist in your logistical requirements too.

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Infrastructure / Housing

There is a demand for Infrastructures and alternative housing. We need to find ways to keep on improving or provide on the demand of the market. Different markets, different demands and the same for different destinations. If you contact us with your enquiry I am very sure we will be able to assist you with your enquiry.

Innov8ive - Click here
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Alternative Housing Options - Click here to view

Solar Systems

Continuously we search for alternative ways to improve our living conditions and in the same process save cost, as well as look after the environment. Through Solar Systems and utilizing the natural energy around us we can do all of this in one breath. Look at this alternative and you will find it to be very cost efficient.

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Social Responsibility

In our day-to-day environment all companies have a social responsibility to invest in our people through providing them with the systems and process to enhance to the next level. Training forms a huge part of this process and the BEE process is one example to encourage all to work together, as well as improve all social standards of life.

24/7 Into Africa Group of Africa strive to encourage the social responsibility model and dealing with various African countries it plays a major role in building relationships. Investing time in the people have brought so much joy, as well as success in to all parties in the network currently. A small hand extended can go a far way and to believe in each other through these relationship have been fruitful through the years.

Social responsibility is a continuous circle of investments!

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