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Multi Modal Transport

24/7 Into Africa Group delivers strategic logistics solutions to all industries, with services that address the unique logistics challenges of everyday movement of cargo to all industry companies. Our experts assist all our customers through driving logistics efficiency and competitive advantage. With a comprehensive menu of logistics services, 24/7 Into Africa Group can move your goods globally, from factory to store. Importantly, we match the physical movement of goods with near-real-time information on the status of your orders and inventory, down to the product ID / SKU level.

Through our innovative service offerings and comprehensive fleet capabilities enable us to deliver highly effective logistics and transportation solutions.

Instantly know where your shipments are in the transport cycle.
2. Reduce inventory through improved planning.
3. Reduce administrative costs, your people spend less time on phones, by fax machines and tracking   

Identify supply chain failures early, triggering contingency planning. This visibility and monitoring service supports an array of services along the supply chain, specifically tailored to the needs of customer in all industries. We specialize in offering door-to-door services into and out of South Africa by Air, Sea and Road. These are categorized as:

Airfreight Imports including setting up and monitoring the purchase order and arranging the forwarding from your supplier through customs clearance and including final delivery to you. Here we offer the options of direct and deferred airfreight consolidations to suit your time and cost related criteria. Sea Freight Imports the same process catering for full (FCL), less than (LCL) container load and break bulk consignments by sea.

Airfreight Exports depending on the terms of sale you conclude (INCO Terms: EXW to DDP, etc.) so we work with you to the point of handover ensuring that you maintain a competitive edge in the market in terms of delivery time, landed cost and customer communication. Sea Freight Exports larger, cost sensitive and our sea freight department handles less time critical cargo. Sea Break Bulk Imports & Exports movement through ships agencies to chartering a vessel to optimize a cost saving for our customers.

Projects handled through expertise in many field to meet the specific requirements on hand of our customers. Marine Insurance risks are part of the reality of international, as well as in the local trade. Our marine insurance package ensures that cover provide adequate cover the Sale contract agreed between you and your customer to fully protect your company in the case of an insurance event.

International Trade Consulting & Training analysis of freight files over many years has highlighted how many complex legal, risk, cost, and time related implications of moving cargo been overlooked. We offer seminars and personal consulting on the key ways of reducing your trading risks and costs, as well as training were required to improve the supply chain.

National Distribution & Transportation innovative service offering and our comprehensive fleet capabilities enable us to deliver effective transportation solutions from out of cage to small front door deliveries with our partners.

National Warehousing providing our customers with almost all the requirements as demanded through our partners, but controlled by 24/7 Into Africa group as one team contact for maximum flexibility.

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