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Khoisan Tea:
Producing and exporting conventional and 100% organic Rooibos Tea globally is our main focus and joy at Khoisan Tea (Pty) Ltd in South Africa. With an annual capacity of 4,000 tons Rooibos Tea, we oversee everything from planting of seedlings to harvesting, cutting, fermenting, sterilising and packing of various Rooibos Tea products. We also supply wild harvest Honeybush Tea from South Africa’s famous Garden Route.

Visit the Khoisan Tea website.

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General Packaging:
Angola, Australia, & New Zealand.

Khoisan Tea Products: 5 Reasons to buy Khoisan Tea Products

Nevertheless, you can also guide your buyer to the Official South African Rooibos Council website
or for pure hard info and interesting facts about Rooibos Tea.

Du Preez Estate Wines is situated at the foot of the Du Toitskloof Mountains in the Breede River Valley, approximately 75km from Cape Town. Modern viticulture methods are applied throughout the 350 hectares under production: production per hectare is controlled to ensure quality, and crop protection is carried out with great care to ensure that the ecology is not disturbed.

Visit the Du Preez Estate Wine website.

Product Offering

As the market demands various commodities and sourcing sometimes could cause a company a huge headache to ensure that the best possible price is obtain, as well as the logistical requirements are met. Through speaking to a procurement agent with the expertise to assist in both these fields it assist a company to look at the bottom line in different light.

24/7 Into Africa Group of Companies has various agency agreements as illustrated above and might be able to assist with your  companies needs, therefore enquire to find out if would be able to assist. Alternatively 24/7 Into Africa Group of Companies  could also assist a company with a project such that be any requirement.

Herewith below more commodities we will be able to assist with:   

Soya Oil
Sunflower Seeds
Sunflower Oil
Various other products

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